Enabling CAE Democratization: Utilizing simulation throughout the design process

SIMULIA has fashioned solutions keeping in mind usability, ease, and designers’ requirements for design validation.

September 12th, 10-11am PDT

To be competitive in today’s market our designs need to perform much better, take less time to create, with lower resources and at reduced costs. We can no longer sit back and reap the benefits of our predecessors. To stand out, we must become more innovative than ever before.

Those who integrate simulation into the design process will be farther ahead of their closest competition. The range of simulation capabilities today will enable everyone from the occasional user to the most detailed specialist. Through close collaboration and easy to use tools, multiple design iterations can be quickly optimized and validated for a variety of conditions.

Please join us in this follow-up webinar to learn more about this topic.

  • Kris Westbrook, Dassault Systemes
  • Greg Albrechtsen, Dassault Systemes
  • Denee Busby, XD Innovation